Fun Spirit Day Activities for Homecoming Week

High schools all across the country celebrate Homecoming with a week filled with fun activities for students. Many host a bonfire that lets students roast marshmallows and hot dogs as they boo the opposing team and pep rallies that let them root for the home team. Your school might offer different theme days and award classes points for participating with the team who scores the most points getting a special treat. As a parent or a teacher, you can incorporate some fun activities and theme days into your school’s Homecoming week celebrations.

Pajama Day

One fun theme day your school can offer is pajama day. Kids get the chance to come to school dressed in their own pajamas. While some kids may come in simple flannel pajamas, give more points to those who go all out with the theme. Kids might show up in silk pajamas they borrowed from their dads or bathrobes with matching slippers and curlers in their hair. Let the students express their creativity and have fun coming up with the wildest and craziest pajamas they can imagine.

Match the Baby Picture

Match the baby picture is a fun game that you can use instead of hosting another theme day. Ask all the players on the team and the cheerleaders to bring in pictures of themselves as babies. Put those pictures on large pieces of poster board with a number under each picture. Other students will need to guess which number goes with each name. A different version of this game requires pictures from the principal and all teachers. The students will get a kick out of seeing how their teachers and administrators looked during their younger years.

Crazy Color Day

The best thing about Homecoming week is that you can create the wildest and weirdest theme days every year. One of the more simple theme ideas is crazy color day. As the name implies, kids come to school dressed in the wildest collection of colors they can picture. They might wear a pair of hot pink or lime green Mopas socks with purple jeans, a bright blue shirt and a vibrant orange hat. Give points to the kids who wear the most number of colors, the wildest outfits and the funniest clothing. Make your next Homecoming week the one students and faculty will never forget with new theme days and activities.

Achy Neck?

achy neck

According to research, regular stretching can cut even chronic neck pain by 75% or more. This stretch is proven to work wonders. Here’s what you should do: Tuck your chin to your chest, then tilt your head back, so you’re looking up toward the sky. Next, tilt your head to the right (so your ear is over your shoulder), then to the left. Finally, turn your head to the right (so your chin is over your shoulder), then to the left. Keep your movements slow and controlled and hold each position for 3 seconds. Repeat this series od stretches six times.  Aim for six sessions daily. Experts say, you’ll feel relief almost instantly, plus you’ll keep your muscles limber, preventing future neck neck strain and helping injuries heal twice as fast.

Excellent Sound Quality for Your Guitar

All those who are playing the electric guitar know that the different frequencies are crucial to produce great sound. The m108 can provide extreme control over those crucial frequencies for the guitar. It has a separate input gain and output volume sliders and it provides a great amount of level control. You can easily create any sound you want with this. So, if you are aiming for a thundering crunch or a searingly sharp sound, a simple turn of the dial will do it. The kit includes a power supply.

Look Expensive Without Spending Too Much With This White Chiffon Halter Off Shoulder Dress!

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Halloween Preparations


A couple more weeks before Halloween, but we’re still preparing the menu for our Halloween party. I am hosting this year’s family party. The families of my brother and sister will be coming over along with a few cousins. Last year, my sister hosted the party. I’ve gone all out with the decorations this year and I have also already washed the Premier Table Linens – Skirts, Tablecloths and Accessories. It’s just the menu that my daughter and I are working on. I am so excited about this and I’ll be posting photos on my next post.

Goodbye Papa

Last night, while we were at the wake, a group of teenagers came in. A few of them are even carrying their evh wolfgang guitars. They introduced themselves and we found out that they are the church’s choir where my Father in law is serving as a Lay Minister. They came to sing for papa for the last time. When my FIL was alive, he was very active in church. He would even attend night vigils a few times a week. My FIL is well loved and he will surely be missed. Rest in peace, papa. You are in a better place now.

Switch to Brown Rice


Are you on a diet? If you love rice and you’re struggling to eliminate it from your diet, why not try switching from white rice to brown rice. A cup of this grain delivers 88 percent of the daily value of manganese, a mineral that stimulates the thyroid’s production of a key energy-boosting hormone.

A Valuable Reed Knife

If you are in the market for a good knife for fixing reeds, you might be interested to check the vitri reed knife. The reed knife has a lot of positive reviews and most users love it because it doubles as a knife and works to flatten the back of the reed, too. Another great feature is you don’t have to sharpen it too often.

Before You Buy

Investing in a speaker cable is not a joke. These cables are expensive and you naturally want to get the best bang for your buck. It may help to read several speaker cable reviews before deciding on a brand. That way, you will know which brands work best, plus, you get to compare prices. Once you’ve decided on what to buy, also make sure that there is a return policy.

Today’s DJ Controllers


A professional DJ knows that you have to have the best controllers to be able to mix and produce the best sounds. But unlike in the 80s where you have to use a lot of equipment (a pair of DJ turntables or CD players, a mixer, some headphones, etc.) to make the best sounds, controllers nowadays are smaller and not as complicated. You may even be surprised to find a controller with software and skills that suits your budget. What’s more? These controllers have apps, so you can either mix music using your laptop or iOS device. Yup, that’s how amazing the DJ controllers of today are. I wonder what’s next?