Halloween Preparations


A couple more weeks before Halloween, but we’re still preparing the menu for our Halloween party. I am hosting this year’s family party. The families of my brother and sister will be coming over along with a few cousins. Last year, my sister hosted the party. I’ve gone all out with the decorations this year and I have also already washed the Premier Table Linens – Skirts, Tablecloths and Accessories. It’s just the menu that my daughter and I are working on. I am so excited about this and I’ll be posting photos on my next post.

Goodbye Papa

Last night, while we were at the wake, a group of teenagers came in. A few of them are even carrying their evh wolfgang guitars. They introduced themselves and we found out that they are the church’s choir where my Father in law is serving as a Lay Minister. They came to sing for papa for the last time. When my FIL was alive, he was very active in church. He would even attend night vigils a few times a week. My FIL is well loved and he will surely be missed. Rest in peace, papa. You are in a better place now.

Switch to Brown Rice


Are you on a diet? If you love rice and you’re struggling to eliminate it from your diet, why not try switching from white rice to brown rice. A cup of this grain delivers 88 percent of the daily value of manganese, a mineral that stimulates the thyroid’s production of a key energy-boosting hormone.

A Valuable Reed Knife

If you are in the market for a good knife for fixing reeds, you might be interested to check the vitri reed knife. The reed knife has a lot of positive reviews and most users love it because it doubles as a knife and works to flatten the back of the reed, too. Another great feature is you don’t have to sharpen it too often.

Before You Buy

Investing in a speaker cable is not a joke. These cables are expensive and you naturally want to get the best bang for your buck. It may help to read several speaker cable reviews before deciding on a brand. That way, you will know which brands work best, plus, you get to compare prices. Once you’ve decided on what to buy, also make sure that there is a return policy.

Today’s DJ Controllers


A professional DJ knows that you have to have the best controllers to be able to mix and produce the best sounds. But unlike in the 80s where you have to use a lot of equipment (a pair of DJ turntables or CD players, a mixer, some headphones, etc.) to make the best sounds, controllers nowadays are smaller and not as complicated. You may even be surprised to find a controller with software and skills that suits your budget. What’s more? These controllers have apps, so you can either mix music using your laptop or iOS device. Yup, that’s how amazing the DJ controllers of today are. I wonder what’s next?

Always feeling hungry?

I read somewhere that enjoying a coconut milk smoothie can keep you full and satisfied for hours. That’s because the milk’s MCFAs trigger the release of hunger-suppressing hormones. In one study, subjects that were given this drink consumed 15 percent fewer calories at their next meal than those who didn’t get a dose of the fatty acids.

image source: juicinghealthbenefits.net

image source:

Candle Benefits You Never Knew

Well, some of you may think that scented candles are just a fabulous luxury, but there’s more to it than that. Read on and be surprised with all the wonderful benefits scented diptyque candles brings.

Candlelight Helps You Focus

The gentle flicker of the candle’s light not only relaxes your mind. It makes shadows and angles more gentle, helping your mind focus and concentrate better.

Nourishes the Environment

When you light a scented soy candle, it releases soothing soy into the atmosphere that gives your body an extra sense of calm. I also love that soy candles don’t emit harmful toxins and it feels great that you’re actually helping the environment when you light a soy candle.

Scent is Connected to Memory

Sniffing familiar aromas helps you remember happy scenes and events, making you feel calm and happy altogether.

Candles Set the Mood

Certain fragrances tend to promote positive emotions in everyone – including scents like lavender, rose or orange, which stimulate a sense of calm. If you’re feeling blah, simply light a candle, enjoy the scent and you’ll be surprised at how fast it changes your mood.

Rebounding Whittles Waist


Did you know that bouncing on a small trampoline is up to 68 percent more efficient at burning calories than running? And in addition tor revving heart rate, the continuous bouncing action engages the obliques as your body works to maintain balance. To do: Keeping both feet together, jump up and down on the trampoline, swiveling your hips from side to side to really carve out an hourglass. Continue for 30 seconds.

I Lost My College Ring

My friend’s daughter just got her college ring the other day. When I went to visit them at their house, she immediately showed it to me. It looks so unique because the style is different. She told me that they ordered their college ring from Joy Jewelers. I’ve lost mine many years ago and I’m thinking of having a new one made. When I checked the website, I found out that their prices are very affordable and they have a lot of designs. I can’t wait to see my new ring!

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